Within a certain period of the system under specified conditions to perform the desired functions is likely to work. This is obtained by from product’s design to maintenance, including test and support processes with the evaluation process of all life. The best description of a product’s reliability over time is the performance. System architecture, materials used, procedures, and parts of the analysis and testing to be done until the elections are important in terms of reliability.

Reliability Engineering
Reliablity Engineering of a product, process or service to be expected or required to analyze the reliability and reduce errors to a minimum or no impact of this error must be done to reduce the impact of the process to determine is expressed as. These actions of the companies within Reliability Engineers, Design Engineers, Quality Engineers or System Engineers can be done by.

The goal of this branch of engineering is products to be more reliable by providing maintenance / repair to reduce the need, to reduce costs, and in doing so is to increase market share of products. To reach this goal the design and production process in each stage, with the participation of all the engineering group to make this work would be much more efficient.

Reliability Analysis
Reliability analysis, simply parts and units of a system is the degradation rate analysis. In this analysis is used in general models. For example, MIL-HDBK-217 or Telcordia for electronic parts and NSWC for mechanical parts. These models provide necessary procedures to calculate the error rate of parts. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) value can be calculated by using calculated error rate. When develop a new product or change an existing design is very important, you make changes in the field before you came to estimate MTBF values may be required. In such a case, to do analysis and results can be very useful.

Reliability Block Diagram (RDB)
Complex systems or configurations are used for graphical analysis methods. Reliability analysis was made of parts, assembly and system error rate is calculated. However, models used in this analysis, all parts and assembly with the assumption that all of the series of calculations based on the adoption of these assumptions are accepted. On the other hands, complex systems, the reliability of multiple systems, there possiblities (availability), and MTBF calculations is used for RBD.

Fault Tree Analysis
In this method, known as fault-tree analysis approach is used deductive top-down. The top-level analysis to an event (eg fire) that causes the identification of all child elements are created in a tree structure. All these sub-components are linked together by AND or OR gates. Main causes of the event to take place so that the event or events may be identified.

Event Tree Analysis
Event Tree in a system that may occur as a visual representation of all the events is an analysis. The purpose of an event using the event tree following a chronological order of origination as a result of this incident the other is to calculate the probability of events coming up.

Also this methods known as the error status and influence, in a reverse approach from fault-tree and the down-top monitors the flow of an analysis. Let us explain this with an example: a computer monitor used in the two error cases for a condenser, let’s say that we have identified. These condenser are switched on or off the circuit. If the capacitor is open-circuit failure as a result of this wavy lines on your monitor occurs. However, short-circuit fault occurs in the condenser to the screen is black.

In the example above, the condenser is short-circuit this error to prevent you from using your monitor more critical and must be described as a serious error. Important to minimize errors, this analysis method is used.

Maintenance Analysis
The purpose of this analysis are performed to calculate the time on maintenance or repairs. So how much time for the system fails to fix it you need to spend?

Weibull Analysis
Realization of a product or system error process to discover the trend is used for this analysis method. This information consists of similar cases to prevent possible errors is used. This tendency to correct or compensate for them by learning to go to the road can increase the reliability of the products.



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